Verona, Italy hosted the Amber Wine Festival on April 3, featuring a wide selection of natural amber wine from various countries, including Georgia.

The festival, which has been held in Izola (Slovenia) and Vienna in the past, has seen growing interest from producers and enthusiasts of amber wine. The event was also presented twice at Vinitaly in Verona and featured master classes at the Wine to Asia Fair in Shenzhen (China).

This year's festival showcased 250 premium quality Carvifer wines from over 70 producers, with representatives from Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Greece, and Georgia. Three Georgian wine companies were in attendance, namely Doremi, Ocho, and Iora Wine Cellar, who presented their latest vintages of Rkatsiteli, Kisi Buera, and Rkatsiteli Kakhuri Green, among others.

The festival's organizers dedicated a central tasting hall with an area of over 1300 square meters to highlight the most famous fairs. The event aims to increase awareness and promote the trends of amber wine, an essential niche product in the wine industry. Such a (natural) aspect of the festival is quite important, even for those who seek to buy natural products.

Georgia, as the motherland of wine and the first producing country of amber wine culture, played a significant role in the festival's success. The Amber Wine Festival in Verona not only highlighted the rich wine culture of Georgia but also emphasized the country's contribution to the global wine industry.