This year, the Georgian government is earmarking approximately 15 million GEL to bolster the international presence of the country's wines, announced Otar Shamugia, the Minister of Agriculture.

According to Shamugia, this state-backed initiative co-finances the marketing endeavors of entrepreneurs, contributing to the consistent annual growth in the export of Georgian wines. Last year alone saw a record export volume of 103 million liters from the country.

In addition, Minister Shamugia revealed that the state enterprise is prepared to purchase grapes compromised by adverse climatic conditions during the 2023 harvest season. These grapes, often rejected by the private sector, will be bought from farmers at a rate of 90 tetri per kilogram.

Shamugia emphasized the comprehensive nature of the state's support for the wine industry. "The government’s multi-faceted approach offers motivation and developmental opportunities to up to 25,000 winegrowers and nearly 500 wine producers. Support extends beyond marketing co-financing to include subsidies and insurance, the latter of which has seen an increase in co-financing rates from 50% to 70% this year. The sector also benefits from targeted agrocredit programs and strategic marketing initiatives," stated the Minister of Agriculture.