Three Georgian companies—Bank of Georgia, TBS Bank, and Georgian Capital—are making their presence felt on the London Stock Exchange with significant gains in share prices over the past week.

Bank of Georgia's (BGEO) stock experienced a 6.25% uptick, elevating the value of a single share to £34.00. The surge has boosted the company's market capitalization to an impressive £1.67 billion. Over the past six months, Bank of Georgia's shares have seen a robust 29% increase.

TBS Bank, trading as TBC PLC, witnessed a weekly growth of 3.68% in its stock value, taking the per-share price to £28.15. This ascent has propelled the bank's market capitalization to £1.55 billion. Notably, TBS Bank's share value has escalated by 29.7% in the last half-year.

Georgian Capital (CGEO) also reported favorable market activity with a 3.26% spike in its share value, setting the current price at £9.50 per share. Consequently, the firm's market capitalization now stands at £442 million. In the trailing six-month period, Georgian Capital's shares have appreciated by 25.3%.

This upward trajectory in the share prices of these Georgian companies underscores their growing prominence on the global financial stage.