Georgian pharmaceutical companies have come under fire for their lack of social responsibility in the pharmaceutical market. In a recent statement, the Minister of Health, Zurab Azarashvili, stated that Georgia will likely be one of the worst examples in this regard.

The issue of increasing the price of oncological medicines has been a major concern for the government, with many pharmaceutical companies justifying the increase by citing the expiration of drugs and the introduction of new batches at a higher price. However, the Minister dismissed these claims and said that the ministry knows exactly which batch of medicines arrived when.

He also pointed out that the price increase coincided with the introduction of reference prices to the pharmaceutical market from February 15. The National Health Agency, which is the largest purchaser of oncology drugs and buys drugs worth up to 90 million GEL per year, will be significantly affected by the price hike.

The Minister revealed that the Competition Agency is studying the topic of increasing the price of oncological medicines and its conclusion will definitely confirm the arguments of the Ministry.

The Minister's scathing remarks highlight the need for Georgian pharmaceutical companies to prioritize social responsibility and regulate the pharmaceutical market. It remains to be seen what actions will be taken by the government to address the issue and ensure affordable access to vital medicines for patients in need.